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Thread: How to import old Mastercook files

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    How to import old Mastercook files

    I would like to import recipes from Mastercook 5.0 which are mc2 files not mx. How do I do this?

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    Please try the following:

    Exporting your recipes from MasterCook

    1) Run MasterCook.

    2) Select a cookbook.

    3) On the File menu select Export and Mail.

    4) Select a target folder for the export file (top of the window).

    5) Select "Single File" (bottom of the window) and enter a name for the export file.

    6) Click Export.

    7) Close MasterCook.

    Importing your recipes into Living Cookbook

    1) Run Living Cookbook.

    2) On the File menu select Import.

    3) Select "MasterCook 4" or "MasterCook 5/6" (depending on your version of MasterCook).

    4) Click Next.

    5) Click the Import File ellipsis button (...) and select the file you exported from MasterCook.

    6) Click Next.

    7) Click the Recipe Options ellipsis button (...) to select your recipe import options.

    8) Enter a name for your imported cookbook (e.g. "My MasterCook Recipes") in the New Cookbook box.

    9) Click OK.

    10) Click Next.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.


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    This does not work. In the export operation, when I enter a name for the export file it tells me that I've entered an invalid name. However, it gives me no hint what is wrong, and I can't find any assistance in the help files.

    If I try doing this through the import operation, when I select Mastercook 5/6, it only allows mx files not mc2 files.

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    Please disregard last message. I figured it out and all's well.


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